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  • pretty bambi farts for tiny men hd

    Pretty Bambi Farts For Tiny Men Hd
    garden: Filthygrid - FREE download
    16th, Dec 18
    ass fetish stinky panty fetish goddess giantess gassy
    i caught these tiny intruders in my bedroom. these little perverts were trying to spy on me, trying to watch me undress and everything. anything to get their tiny little dicks hard. well they are about to get a little more than they bargained for. i am about to rip some nasty stinky farts all over these tiny little men. maybe they will learn a lesson in coming in my room without permission.

  • sofa girl by rapha vegas and vaninha hd mfvideobrazil

    Sofa Girl By Rapha Vegas And Vaninha Hd Mfvideobrazil
    garden: FEMDOM-garden
    9th, Dec 18
    ass in face domination face sitting facesit femdom force latin mfx
    - giantess domina, rapha vegas and petite slave vaninha do some sofa play. rapha orders her to lay on the couch, then sit on her stomach, and start smothering her with her feet in her fishnet stockings, trampling on her face, then scissoring her head,-nbsp-slaps her and pull her hair, and also start jumping on her with her chubby butt.--what could the petite body of slave vaninha do against the giantess, self-confident domina rapha vegas other than accept being her sofa girl rapha casually sits right on top of vaninha-rsquo-s pubic bone with her huge butt, while she tramples the slave-rsquo-s little face with her huge and sexy feet, casually looking down on her. then rapha switches positions, and sits on her slave-rsquo-s face, filling her mouth with her big and juicy ass, and there-rsquo-s even a moment when the whole of vaninha-rsquo-s face disappears under rapha-rsquo-s ass. the giantess really uses that tight little slave body to her pleasure as her sofa girl for the night, obstructing the slave even from breathing.

  • whos the big bully now, brother- natalie wonder

    Whos The Big Bully Now, Brother- Natalie Wonder
    garden: GIANTESSES-garden
    3rd, Dec 18
    brother forced sister smother natalie wonder clips sister smothers brother sister shrinks brother sister brother fantasy natalie wonder giantess sister
    there-s no point in asking me any questions brother. i shrunk you, end of story. you-re small, puny, frail - so squishable. all those years you made fun of me - you were so mean to me. you were a big bully. and now i can have my revenge if i want. although i am your sister - i should love you ...

  • using your little pea-brain head as my asshole fuck toy will slowly be your demise natalie wonder

    Using Your Little Pea-brain Head As My Asshole Fuck Toy Will Slowly Be Your Demise Natalie Wonder
    garden: GIANTESSES-garden
    3rd, Dec 18
    ass crush small man sadisti orgasms natalie wonder clips nataliewonder1 natalie wonder humiliation
    once again i-ve caught you trying to avoid my powerful grip. this time i will make sure you never escape again. this makes me sad that you always run away, and annoyed. but after i get through with you today your smell will be so pungent you won-t be able to stand yourself. if i let you survive ...

  • my little friend natalie wonder

    My Little Friend Natalie Wonder
    garden: GIANTESSES-garden
    12th, Nov 18
    giantess tiny man ti tiny man gets licked tiny man body sucked tiny man body licked smother shrinking man
    i can-t believe how tiny you got. you really are my little friend now. it-s weird seeing you this way but it-s even weirder that you-re okay with it. why would you want to be this tiny aren-t you scared suppose my big hands were to crush you right now as i-m holding you but don-t worry, i ...

  • immeganlive my big and loud fart compilation 23 hd

    Immeganlive My Big And Loud Fart Compilation 23 Hd
    garden: FART-garden
    1st, Oct 18
    amateur farts flatulence giantess jeans
    1080p 60fps you like them big you like them loud i simply get on video only my best ones my flatulence will arouse you like you ever been before watch and hear me push it hard for you

  • mistress kawaii finished with the furniture slave hd

    Mistress Kawaii Finished With The Furniture Slave Hd
    garden: FART-garden
    23rd, Sep 18
    femdom dominatrix leggings big butts big booty big ass bbw ass
    i have some bad news for my furniture slave. i-m going to come up with a new way i can utilize him. i-ve come up with different ideas but, not sure what i want to do. i-m definately thinking about shrinking him down.... maybe stuff him in my ass...and fart on him all the time...the main thing is, i want it to be more fun for me, and worse for him of course the whole time i-m telling him all of this i torment him with my big goddess ass by smothering and sitting on his face. he-s so scared and nervous about what is going to happen to him...and that-s just what i want.. --part 2 available on: the realqueendom.com

  • mfe-933-1-1 facesitting panties humiliation - new 2017 mfvideofetish

    Mfe-933-1-1 Facesitting Panties Humiliation - New 2017 Mfvideofetish
    garden: FEMDOM-garden
    27th, Aug 18
    brazil face sitting latin smother
    alessandra oliver is a gorgeous giant woman and is starring with mf. in this film she is a verinha--s teacher... teaching math , but verinha does not know the answer, and her never learn the same math lessons, and alessandra decides to punish verinha. alessandra is wearing black panties, and sits on verinha--39-s face, suffocating the girl with desire. verinha is no chance of escaping the hands of that giantess. it is worth checking. dont miss mf video

  • mfe-1002-1-1 hands of giant goddesses mfvideofetish

    Mfe-1002-1-1 Hands Of Giant Goddesses Mfvideofetish
    garden: FEMDOM-garden
    16th, Jun 18
    brazil choke choke hold hand over mouth latin slave smother
    she is a gorgeous giantess, she has very well made hands, long fingers, along with alessandra oliver they make a wonderful video. alessandra oliver complains with her friend camila goddess about her nails that the priscillinha manicure did not do it right, and when prisiclinha arrives the two begin to argue with priscillinha and they decide to give a lesson for not having done the nails of alessandra right. camila and alessandra cover priscillinha--39-s mouth, suffocate her and apply deep hands, slap her face and force priscillinha to swallow her hands. camila applies an arm wrench to the girl, leaving her totally devoid of action. they also cover priscillinha--39-s face together, using her four hands, leaving priscillinha in real despair. they give the lesson priscillinha deserves.

  • mfe-752-1-1 mfsg-0019-girl bed- giant girl brunette mfvideofetish

    Mfe-752-1-1 Mfsg-0019-girl Bed- Giant Girl Brunette Mfvideofetish
    garden: FEMDOM-garden
    6th, Jun 18
    brazil face sitting latin smother
    psynopsis:--barbara cruel renatinha takes to make your first movie woman hard bed, she sits on top of the small scraps of the girl and the fact that renatinha and a strong slave moans of pain as the hard giantess sits on your chest and your head . barbara is a heavy brunette girl, and she love squeeze slave girls, in this movie sat on renatinah--s face full weight, barbara put your ass over her head.--

  • cheating boyfriend gets shrunken and stuffed in my smelly ugg shoes natalie wonder

    Cheating Boyfriend Gets Shrunken And Stuffed In My Smelly Ugg Shoes Natalie Wonder
    garden: GIANTESSES-garden
    31st, Mar 18
    cheating tiny boyfriend smother smelly shoe smell fetish natalie wonder clips shrunken boyfriend shrink smother shoe stuff
    i told you i-d shrink you if you cheated on me again. you asshole now you-re my little shrunken boyfriend. payback-s going to be a bitch, haha you-ve caused a lot of pain in my life - now it-s time for me start returning the favor. i know what your first punishment will be. you see these pre ...

  • tiny ass pet tries to escape astrodomina

    Tiny Ass Pet Tries To Escape Astrodomina
    garden: ANUS-garden
    7th, Oct 17
    tight ass female domination female supremacy butt femdom femdom pov ass worship
    note: this is a custom clip.oh my little slave.. where aaaaare you i told you to stay put. didn-t you hear me how dare you run away like this. you-re my little slave, you-re my property. and you-re super lucky... to be my little ass pet. when i find you, you are in big trouble. so you should stop the bullshit.--ahh.. there you are, what-s wrong all out of breath from running tsk tsk.. i think i have a little treat for you, come here...----sydney-s little pet is forced to watch her naked ass. she is now teasing with her butt , spanking and backing it slowly very close to the camera and back out.----i know you love my butt my little ass pet. my big amazing asian ass that could just crush you. oops haha almost got you. i need to be more careful don-t i ahhh... almost.. you love this amazing giantess ass. oh by the way jrod, i still haven-t forgot that you tried to run away... i can-t have that bad behaviour from my slaves. so i have a little surprise for you...----sydney now spreads her cheeks.----now i want you to smell and lick my butthole. this is what bad little slaves get so get in there. haha it shouldn-t be too hard to smell and lick considering how small you are... smell it, lick it clean it with your little teeny tongue. you know, i could just stuff you inside there right so you better behave.----sydney continues to punish her tiny ass slave until he learns his lesson.

  • mommys shrunken son gets smothered natalie wonder

    Mommys Shrunken Son Gets Smothered Natalie Wonder
    garden: GIANTESSES-garden
    11th, Aug 17
    ass smothering taboo smell fetish natalie wonder clips shrunken son fetish shrinking fetish natalie wonder mom smothe
    mommy is looking everywhere for her son. where did he go suddenly she notices something tiny but familiar sitting on the living room floor. oh my gosh, it can-t be. no. mom cannot believe her own two eyes.sweetie, what happened to you oh my god is this really happening you are tiny ho ...

  • eden alexander and crystal lopez fartfantasy

    Eden Alexander And Crystal Lopez Fartfantasy
    garden: Filthygrid - FREE download
    29th, Apr 17
    black hair blackhair bottomless nude fart latin latin girls nude
    eden alexander and crystal lopez found a tiny little man, and this little guy is so pathetic they know exactly what he deserves they-re going to force the little man to breath in all their farts, and smother his whole body in their tight assholes... all while farting all over his body these two giantess ladies make sure they punish him with the stench of their dirty smelly assholes we hope he likes the stench inside those pretty buttholes, because he won-t be free from their fart punishments any time soon

  • all powerful over your pathetic, shrunken wife natalie wonder

    All Powerful Over Your Pathetic, Shrunken Wife Natalie Wonder
    garden: GIANTESSES-garden
    26th, Mar 17
    smother shrunken wife abuse shrunken wife abuse shrunken wife shrinking fetish asshole fetish natalie wonder clips natalie wonder
    i still have her. i still have your shrunken bitch of a wife. you probably don-t even miss her, haha. she-s such a dumb, annoying bitch anyways. she deserves every bit of torment that i choose to give her. i-ve decided to be nice - put her down on the ground for a bit. it won-t come without it ...

  • giantess alien smothers alien minion

    Giantess Alien Smothers Alien Minion
    garden: Filthygrid - FREE download
    6th, Mar 17
    aliens and monsters giantess giants smother
    alien venus likes to capture little tiny alien men that trespasses in the garden and trap them in mason jars. she just so happens has a miniature space man and she shakes him pokes him taste him. aliens usually eat little space men but venus wants to play with this little guy first when venus gets bored of shaking him in a jar and fondling him in her hands she places him on the floor and scares the little alien with her solar galactic yellow neon colored space heels just stomping away hahaha. venus teases him and breaks the little aliens limbs slowly. then venus can have some real fun as she scares the space man and pokes and breaks more limbs. venus picks him up in between her toes and moves him around in-between each toe. before all his limbs are broken she switches heels to some stellar red pointed heels. ---it is sooo fun playing with little men--- venus giggles. but venus is a little hungry from all that teasing and breaking limbs that she picks up this alien creature and licks and puts him in her mouth and swallows. ---yumm little alien men taste good---

  • uh oh, i really shrunk you natalie wonder

    Uh Oh, I Really Shrunk You Natalie Wonder
    garden: GIANTESSES-garden
    26th, Jan 17
    dad d nudity naked natalie wonder clips natalie wonder mouth fetish giantess foot smother daughter shrinks daddy
    it worked daddy, you-re tiny now i don-t know why you begged me to do this to you. mom always said to use my special powers for emergency situations only. but i guess i can-t say no to you daddy. i-m not sure how long you-ll stay small like this. it looks like i-m not your little girl anymor ...

  • tiny bitch can run but she cant hide natalie wonder

    Tiny Bitch Can Run But She Cant Hide Natalie Wonder
    garden: GIANTESSES-garden
    26th, Jan 17
    ass smothering natalie wonder home wrecker giantess smother giantess brunette giantess ass smothering giantess ass smother
    you fucking bitch where are you you really think you can escape from me i am going to tear this place apart. you can-t hide. stupid bitch. what are going to do, run back to your loving husband haha, what a joke. oh there you are it doesn-t help that you-re wearing a bright red shirt. s ...

  • little soldier man will be destroyed dakota charms

    Little Soldier Man Will Be Destroyed Dakota Charms
    garden: GIANTESSES-garden
    24th, Jan 17
    foot domination foot slave training foot smother giantess
    your mission if you choose to accept it is to sneak into the lair of the famed and feared dakota charms....last week along we lost contact with two teams in this area and it is your job to find them. your are not to engage the giant but simply locate the missing teams and radio back for your orders...do not by any means get spotted by her or we will deny any existence of this mission or you. good luck solider and may god be with you.

  • mfhg-0046-hands over mouth -sara rosas first time hd mfvideofetish

    Mfhg-0046-hands Over Mouth -sara Rosas First Time Hd Mfvideofetish
    garden: FEMDOM-garden
    17th, Aug 16
    brazil choke choking hand smother latin mfvideofetish mfx
    --sara is sadistc girl but an--dominatrix novice making hand smother scebes, she and a brazilian giantess a brunette with a phenomenal body--and beautiful hands, she will suffocate with her beautiful hands to priscilinha slave, she in this amateur film of hands trying to control air from slave to doing get real despair and making him suffer much, she really loves to humiliate and choke her fragile and useless slave.

  • fate of a stupid fan - smell my gas forever alison miller

    Fate Of A Stupid Fan - Smell My Gas Forever Alison Miller
    garden: Filthygrid - FREE download
    25th, Nov 15
    ass fetish ass smelling ass smothering ass sniffing fart giantess
    check out this silly little fan he decided to shrink himself and mail himself to me i told him i would gently play with him if he did so, then send him over. i totally lied (i hold up a man, no bigger than an inch tall). i turn around to show my glorious cheeks and push him in right between them i tell him how gassy i have been and i start ripping farts. i instruct him that he has to sniff them in and will be my smell slave. that im never sending him hime and this will be his fate for eternity, whenever i have gas. pressed right against my smelly asshole, doomed to smell them forever what a silly little fan

this overview contains of files found only on SMOTHER-garden. try your search on [Filthygrid] for more results.

this overview contains of files found only on SMOTHER-garden. try your search on [Filthygrid] for more results.